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Northern Cambria pa. About Me- I was born in 1991, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA, and raised in a small town of Northern Cambria, previously known as Barnesboro. At this time, I have an immense, unique, and unusual background in my experiences of writing and the arts. I currently have 100 published works. English background coming from- The Art Institutes and SNHU, and Alison Diplomas, and ten years in publishing. Fundamentals of English, Grammar, and Writing with a late Master's inauguration in English in creative writing. I am currently holding a Bachelor's level in General education from SNHU as a transferring student. My degrees at this date are in BA.GDM Graphic Design, Architectural Engineering Technology and Civil Technology, Residential Planning, (CDA), and Writing. My diplomas are under Fine Art and the Fundamentals, Health and Human Development, Advanced Physics, Children's Studies, Music Theory, English Grammar, and the Fundamentals, Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment, Educational Psychology, English Language and Literature Writing. I am an honor student of the Kappa Pi - ETA Sigma Fraternity. Along with the National Technical Honor Society Fraternity. Marcel Ray Duriez 2021 Pending World Record's Largest book published Longest title of a book The largest collection of books by the same author

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Nevaeh 4.9 Million words, 13,879,220 characters, books 4.8 feet long lined upstart to end, thus the same story with the same protagonist printed as one story, giving the book a world record for 58 inches147.32 centimeters. 75,015 paragraphs.

The Nevaeh Saga is a narrative in 'fantastical' magical realism that focuses on the thoughtful look of a young girl, facing pain- as she bares her soul and what lies within. The narrators Nevaeh May Natalie of the story is the same main character, throughout the entire story, one continuous protagonist, from youth to old, to the afterlife. However, points of view are changed by those within her life at any given moment. When other characters have a right to a voice, the name character will show along with his or her part of speech expressed giving feeling and movement to the story of emotions.

Additional Information

To calculate the page count for a 5.5″ × 8.5″ book: 12 point type Times New Roman – divide your word count by 350 = 21,142, Pages thus in all Marcel’s books. Then the word count estimated at this date of 11/7/2020 equal to 4,900,000 words.

A fourteen-year-old Nevaeh is having a midlife crisis likewise does not seem to bode well with her life expectancy. Her so-called school friends bully her, whatever semblance of a foster mother drowned out her fights with life by loathing her for being alive, falling, and grieving her way to mental delusion. Now a fallen angel Nevaeh speaks when she did not have a voice, to do so before her untimely death- as she bares her soul.

Nevaeh was never unusually inadequate at talking to boys—or anyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast, due to the human trafficking she was placed into at the age of 4. Lily is the girl that understood for being the same yet also in the dark about their use in the world. Then she met Chiaz Naztherth. Chiaz is so fine, sweet, and gentle. Plus totally into Nevaeh.

It’s no surprise she is immediately drawn to him. But this is Chiaz who has a secret. And he knows Nevaeh is hiding something, too.

Nevaeh ought recognized she has capabilities beyond anyone’s imagination. With the otherworldly power.

Nevaeh is set to reveal what she is, and how she got this way, unitedly. However, the truth has consequences neither could have imagined. Quickly they find themselves in the middle limelight in an ancient struggle that bullies to destroy everything they love.

Furthermore, it is no longer clear whether Nevaeh and Chiaz will choose the same side. As Nevaeh comes to grips with her destiny as the girl who existed, her involvement with Chiaz grows tense, over her sister’s interfering. Meanwhile, she meets a mysterious girlfriend named Maiara Chenoa, matters get even more difficult.

Yet the time has come for the girl who existed to stand against the assembly of evil fallen angels who are hooked on destroying her world. In sequence to face the vast evil traveling her way, Nevaeh decides to put her personal life out.

Nevertheless, she soon learns that whoever holds her heart also holds the key to humanity’s redemption—or waste.

As the end days of progress, Nevaeh is faced with a historic judgment. Who does her heart truly belong to? Furthermore, is her love strong enough to save the world or make her own?

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Marcel Ray Duriez
‘Angel’s in Disguise’
‘The Nevaeh Saga’


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All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.


Marcel Ray Duriez-

The Novelists-
All ISBN’s: (Paperback) are all listed under printable (Below) on the website-

Companion books: dates 12,25,2012 to 11,19,2020. ISBNs given on Barnes and Noble’s website gives all publication dates. Novels, Novellas, and Shorts.

“Nevaeh or Nevaeh Saga by Marcel Ray Duriez is one protagonist story in fantasy novel within a work of 72 plus volumes.”

Nevaeh Saga is, Walking the Halls, The Forbidden Touches, The Lusting Sapphire Blue Eyes, The Miracle, The Cursed, Nevaeh Struggle with Affections, Falling too You, Nevaeh Young Taboo, Nevaeh Dreaming of you Play with Me, Nevaeh They Call Out, A Void She Cannot Feel, Hard to Let Go, Going in and Out, Obscure Darkness, Nevaeh Seventeen, Crescent Moon, Midnight Sun, Dusking Lust, Maggie, Flashbacks, Butterfly Kisses, Lips Together, Kiss me Here,This Kiss, Dollie, 1st Base, French Kiss, Heart-to-Heart’s, Kellie’s Stories, Haven’s Rockville ~(Transgender novels)~ Nevaeh Haven, Nevaeh Naddalin and the Magic Railway, Untitled, Naddalin, Learn to Fly, Fallen Angel, Death Devours, The Express, Skin and Bones, Spread your Wings, The Story of my Life, The way I was Remembered, Ash Angel, Walking After You, The Pretender of Secrets, Hells Purgatory, Emanon, The Lingering, Impressions Part: 1, Impressions Part: 2, If Only in My Mind, If Only in My Dreams, Reverie, If Only in My Wildest Dreams, Chimera, If I Say I Wanna Stay
Scry, Grayed, Heavenly Bodies, Misunderstandings, A Desire to Burn The Shadow of the Goddesses, Moments that Would not Fade Part: 1, Moments that Would not Fade Part: 2, Martrace Dear Diary, Ansley, Sins of the Fallen Angel, Girls’ Camp, Incest, Alone Together, Ghosted, Ethereal, Understanding Parkinson’s, Oskar, The misunderstood, classifications, See Spot Run, The Many Adventures of Cuddles, The ABC’s of Asexuality, Elody, A Panda Bear Named Mandy 14 Lost at Sea, That’ll be our Little Secret (Bob Ross), The Shut Generation, The Ingredients of my Life, Sammie and Ellie: How I Found My Family, CHRISTINA, Dream Girl, Clash, Ellie, Eventide, Remembrance of Wartime, Sins of the Vampire.

==Nevaeh Saga==
One of the world’s newest and longest novels.

4,900,000 words “ANGEL’S IN DISGUISE OR THE NEVAEH SAGA,” along with 24 other books, a collection of volumes a masterpiece in literature from the dates of 12/25/2012 to 9/11/2020. (8 years)

Marcel Ray Duriez and his Nevaeh Saga books have at this time 13,888,820 characters, estimated books 4.8 feet long lined upstart to end, thus the same story with the same protagonist printed as one story, giving book world record for thickness 58 inches is 147.32 centimeters.

75,015 paragraphs. 5 inches is 127 mm Height: 8 inches is 203.2 mm Weight: 36 lbs. is, 16.3293253 Kg 4,900,000 words 140,726 sentences 13,881,228 character / with and without space 76,358 paragraphs.The word count estimated at this date of 11/7/2020 equal to the estimated 4,900,000 words. The world record for the longest novel states that (each letter counts as one character. Spaces are also counted, as one character each).

==Records pinding==
4.8 feet With 5 inches is 127 mm by 8 inches is 203.2 mm Weight: 36 lbs. Largest book published, the Longest title of a book, The thickest book published, and The largest collection of books by the same author.

“The Nevaeh Saga” is a narrative in magical realism long fantasy that focuses on the thoughtful look of a young girl, facing pain- as she bares her soul and what lies within. The narrator “Nevaeh May Natalie” of the story is the same main character, throughout the entire story, one continuous protagonist, from youth to old, to the afterlife. 73 and books and counting at this time within the series as a collection with the same protagonist also the longest in book thickness with lined up book-spins as one longest novel. Physical measurements: The math: Length: One page in a trad book with Barnes and Noble Press is 0.0037 inches all- is 57.3759 inches or 1457.34786 mm, to calculate the page count for a 5.5″ × 8.5″ book: 12 point type Times New Roman – divide your word count by 350 = 21,142, pages thus in all Marcel Ray Duriez books. All ISBNs were notable- Barnes and Noble.

‘A fourteen-year-old Nevaeh is having a midlife crisis likewise doesn’t seem to bode well with her life expectancy. Her so-called school friends bully her, whatever semblance of a foster mother drowned out her fights with life by loathing her for being alive, thus grieving her way to mental delusion. Nevaeh an angel speaks when she did not have a voice before, her untimely death. As she bares her soul.’

Nevaeh is a 14-year-old girl living in Pennsylvania at the start of this story around the 2000s. The feeling of the story is just because she is the small girl in her class, and has other kids, classmates, mother, grandmother, and even her guardian, putting her down, does not mean that Navaeh cannot rise above all the hatred and shine. On the darkest day of her human life, Nevaeh commits suicide. However, that is not the end of her young life, but the start of a miraculous supernatural life beginning.

Neveah is remembered as the girl who existed. In the notebooks of her life. Likewise, in a town, that to her is just as backward as her temperament is at times. Just like her name spelling also, she lives a life of bullying. Nevaeh feels that death is a way out of the pain. Before she passes, she lives her life out to see all that she has lost by choosing to relinquish to death, at the age of 14. Leading into an afterlife story in the books to come of her becoming a fallen angel. An evil entity with wickedness, wanting pain, and death is always lurking in the darkness of cobwebbed filled minds she has obtained from twisted brainwashing. Nevaeh becomes lost in her mind, and the minds of others as more points of view as the story progresses, in this new afterlife. One Naddalin, an unknown sister, of many siblings.

“Not many individuals can creatively utilize two talents, Duriez is one such person who can.”
Duriez’s books have a blissful, cheerful interior and exterior. The stories are intriguing and
interesting, as for as the Illustrations there eye-catching and gives the feeling of being drawn
into his stories.”

“I want to say I believe in new talents in writing, like the Neveah Saga. We have chatted about his work, and I would say he can go for his dreams. I did. If I must give an opinion, I feel he can do it.”


The Star Courier /Mainline Newspaper (Article by Audrey Brothers/Konior, page 15/A June
28/2012)NEW BOOK OUR TOWN PAPER JOHNSTOWN PA, August 24, 2017. Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite, (Article).

says Lauren Oliver – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lauren_Oliver
The Star Courier newspaper (Article) Star Courier Page 4- 5, 5, 2016.
[[bio, press, and information about Duriez, R. Marcel]] Press, Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Our Town paper, Johnstown pa.
Barnsboro Star Press, date 4,14, 2016 (Press).
Duriez’s (Bio) is under the statements from (Article) LitFire Magazine, 2016, Duriez’s Cuddles: 2016 BookExpo America May 11-13 at McCormick Place Chicago. The biggest book fair in North America.

Note all records listed are pending, not held.

  1. Largest book published listed above Guinnessworldrecords.com. 13 September 2020 Reference 200913052008lbp
    Requested, Longest Novel held by Marcel Prost Guinnessworldrecords.com. (Press states passing record, yet not held).

  2. Longest title of a book Guinnessworldrecords.com. (Article). “5,500 words in the title of this book Nevaeh Saga book number one, 30,352-characters all on the cover itself. Marcel Ray Duriez, Nevaeh Saga, Angles in disguise, the special edition of cover.” 13 September 2020. via Guinnessworldrecords.com. (Article).

  3. The Largest collection of books by the same author, the thickness of all give via the publisher “Barnes and Noble Press.” and writer, stating facts via (Article) “13,881,228 characters with and without space also braking Marcel Proust’s record for “Longest Novel,”
    Reference 200913035949ltoa via Guinnessworldrecords.com. (Article).BarnesandNoble.com site link to Duriez, R. Marcel.

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Alumnius.net (Article) https://alumnius.net/profile-5bbc11567f8b9a010de4fd9f#id5bbc11567f8b9a010de4fd9f
Writers website: duriez19.wix.com/marcelrayduriez

==Need to know==

Library of Congress Control Number: LCCN 2019920329

Nevaeh Books are-
Any references to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Names, characters, and places are products of the author’s imagination.
Front cover image by Artist.

Dương Thế Duyệt of Mobile Alpha Coders.
Book design by Designer. Marcel Ray Duriez.

Printed by Barnes & Noble Press, Inc., in the United States of America. 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011.
First printing edition 2019.
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc.
122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011.

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