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As an ambitious professional with critical thinking proficiency and extensive Writer of The Longest Novel experience, I was thrilled to learn about the writer of Longest Novel. I was compelled to contact you with my interest as it would be a career highlight to be considered for such an opportunity to share with the world.


I believe that my professional background and industrialist drive make me an ideal candidate to fill this position.
I thrive in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, striving for positive results by applying my novelist writings, artworks, and engineering abilities.


Further, I possess expertise in authoring and acumen for maximizing performance and inspiring colleagues. I can visualize success and identify unconventional yet highly effective strategies for achieving amazingly. I have skillfully balanced organizational objectives and productive relationships, strategizing and recommending ways in which to achieve and maintain a competitive business edge. My communication and leadership talents have supported my professional growth.

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About Nevaeh-

Nevaeh is a 14-year-old girl living in Pennsylvania around the 2000s. She is the small girl in her class and has other kids, classmates, mother, grandmother, and even her guardian, putting her down, Navaeh cannot rise above all the hatred and shine. On the darkest day of her human life, Nevaeh commits suicide.  

That is not the end of her young life, but the start of a supernatural life. “Neveah is the girl who existed.” 

Notebooks of her life. Show a town, that to her is just as backward as her temperament. She lives a life of bullying. Nevaeh feels that death is a way out of the pain. She lives her life out to see all that she has lost by choosing to relinquish to death, at the age of 14.  As a fallen angel. An evil entity with wickedness, wanting pain, and death is always lurking in the darkness of cobwebbed-filled minds she has obtained from twisted brainwashing. Nevaeh becomes lost in her mind and the minds of others in the afterlife.  

Nevaeh lives with her paternal grandmother in an orphanage with her wicked maternal grandmother Masel and unloving mother Leah, plus all her sisters. She has an indistinguishable paternal stepfather, Titus. Parent Ray Jay died by killing himself — when the murdering mother and grandparents were the masterminds of numerous deaths.



The Amsel sisters do not like Nevaeh asking inquiries, they do not seem to like anything about her, especially the very unusual things that keep happening around her.  

The Amsel's', the most prominent concern is that Nevaeh will uncover the truth about herself, so they make her meatal, human trafficking her, so when reports rise coming for her around her thirteenth birthday, she is not permitted to understand them in disbelief.



The Amsel siblings are not dealing with an ordinary messenger, and that night on Nevaeh's anniversary, the fallen angel Lily and her twin sister descended to make Nevaeh understand her station.  

Nevaeh explains she is expected at Skoufyceol School of fallen angels Witchcraft and Wizardry to be their Goddess. She takes all Amsel's sister's fury; Lily reveals the truth about Nevaeh's past.


Nevaeh did not receive the dark mark of branding on her young body in love. It was from being torched in not feeling loved; it is the mark of the great dark demotic from Mazel and fallen angel Ava, and the Leah who killed Nevaeh's father and tried to kill her.  

Mysteriously could not kill her as she did with so many others in her care; even though Nevaeh was a baby at the time. Nevaeh is famous among the magical world who live in secret all over the country, by the miraculous survival of Amsel's downfall.



It is a trip to purgatory with all the girls she has lingered within to purchase her Skoufyceol materiel, and afterward, sets off for Skoufyceol from the railroad rain to accompany in her origin's steps. Nevaeh makes friends with Emmah, Naddalin, Jaylynn, Kristen, Haven, and Karly.  


  • Bio:

  • I was born in 1991, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA, and raised in a small town of Northern Cambria, previously known as Barnesboro. Currently, immense, unique, and unusual background in my experiences of writing, music, moreover the arts.

  • Equipped to tell a narrative novel about my English experience proceeding at The Art Institutes, Purdue University, and Alison Diplomas.

  • Furthermore with ten years of pushing. Fundamentals of English, Grammar, and Writing with a late inauguration in English in creative writing.

  • I am currently connecting B.A - of sciences Profissanal Studies education, from Purdue Global University. ​​

  • 110 other published works also noted are numerous online press reports paper formats press, news, and articles besides press within the magazine: Let Fire, Web-Wire, Press Release Point, PRFree, The Our Town Newspaper, and Marline Newspapers, for the Star Courier. 


My credentials at this date are in BA.GDM combing Graphic Design, and the fundamentals of art, Architectural Engineering Technology and Civil Technology, and Residential Planning, likewise (Children's Literature English/ Readric, and Writing.


My diplomas are under:

  1. Fine Art and the Fundamentals

  2. Health and Human Development

  3. Advanced Physics

  4. Children’s Studies

  5. Music Theory

  6. English Grammar and the Fundamentals

  7. English Language and Literature Writing

  8. Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment

  9. Educational Psychology​

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College:

Residential Planning or minor in Engineering Technology Civil, Cadd, Architecture Program. 

1) Junior Designer CADD Technician

2) Survey CADD Technician/ Estimators

3) Architectural CADD Technician/CAD Operator

4) Building Inspectors

5) Structural Technician


The Art Institutes of Pittsburgh 

  1. Kappa Pi – ETA Sigma Fraternity

  2. National Technical Honor Society Fraternity

  3. Kappa Pi Honor Society 

  4. National Technical Honor Society

The Many Adventures of Cuddles: is holds a five-star review from review Mamta Madhavan: from 


"A delightful and captivating storybook for children." 

The book was featured in the 2016 Book Expo America (BEA), held last May 11 to 13 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Book review of The Many Adventures of Cuddles - Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest (

A School-Loving Squirrel’s Tale Featured in Chicago | WebWire

Mount Aloysius College, studies in writings of children's literature and elementary education.

1) English

2) Phycology 

3) Health 

4) Computers

  • Parchments Mount Aloysius Learning Committee 

Studied at Art Instruction Schools, better known to many as Art Instruction, Inc., training in cartooning and illustration in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Graduated with 2 diplomas and outstanding many merits.

Other Parchments:

  1. Diploma basic in Art studies

  2. Diploma Fundamentals of Art

  3. Merits from 'The Art Instruction Schools'

  4. Remarkable Achievements Lessons 9-14, 18)

  5. Remarkable Achievements Lessons 15-22 19)

  6. Remarkable Achievements Lessons 23-27 20)

  7. Recognition Creative Art Effort 2012 

  8. Recognition Creative Art Effort 2016

  9. Charles M. Schulz Achivements

Fundamentals of Art Diploma | marcelrayduriez (

  • BA Graphic Design Artworks/ Interior Design and Media Arts​ Minor CCD Specialization/ ​The Art Institute of Pittsburgh BA is now a specialized Artist, with over 15 years of background, a member of Graphic Design Associate Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, GPA 3.90 ID 1121357018, and Dean's list both at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is now a (Purdue B.A.) 

  • Alumni US: Marcel Ray Duriez

  • Marcel Ray Duriez was showcased by Professor Jim Price on the Home Grown Rocker of Q94 radio, on 6, 26, 2022 for his song 34 and album release called Duriez, this being submitted for a world record title for most songs on a digital album. ​

  • As of now-- Songs for Duriez "!34"  The album submitted has hit the top 100 Number #6 out of 100 songs and made the top 20. Avant / Alternative Rock Charts Number 6, Duriez's album has hit the charts at Number 27 in Alternative music and in the top 50, out of 194,872 other bands' songs and tracks. As of 2/28/22 and  Song "!C41" hit  Number 9 on the charts, in Avant Rock and number 46 in alternative. 

  • The album submitted has hit the top 100 Number 7 out of 100 songs and also made the top 20. Avant / Alternative Rock Charts # 7, Duriez's album has hit the charts at #33 in Alternative music and the top 50, out of 194,872 other bands' songs and tracks.


  • In the first 4 days, Duriez's album is in the top 100, it went from #33 to #27 in less than a day of being released in the Alternative Rock. And Avant Rock charts when from #14 to number #6 in a couple of days.

  • Marcel Ray Duriez (@MarcelRayDuriez) | SoundClick


Parchments and honor cords

Kappa Pi of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division Marcel Ray Duriez


National Technical Honor Society: NTHS of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division Marcel Ray Duriez

Deans List around the time of 2013, and also in 2022 with Perdue 

An accomplished author and illustrator writer and self-editor with around 13 years of experience in composition manufacturing, publishing, and editing.

English Artist and Music / Creative Writing Anticipated 2020 Concentration. 

Most songs on a digital album (Duriez)


  1. Guitar  

  2. Keyboards 

  3. Drums  

  4. Vocals  

  5. Ukulele 

  6. Trumpet 

  7. Music Producing   

  8. Artwork Portfolio 

  9. Production Artist

  10. Graphic Designer

  11. Computer Artist

  12. Corporate Communications Coordinator

  13. Assistant Art Directo

  14. Room Design 

Links to education background:

Documents/ Photos | marcelrayduriez (

Marcel Ray Duriez | LinkedIn

Fundamentals of English Grammar Diploma | marcelrayduriez (

Children's Studies Diploma | marcelrayduriez (

English Language and Literature Diploma | marcelrayduriez (

Educational Psychology Diploma | marcelrayduriez (

Human Health - Health and Human Diplom | marcelrayduriez (

Introduction to Music Theory Certificate | marcelrayduriez (

Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawing | marcelrayduriez (

Advanced Physics 1 Certificate | marcelrayduriez (

Honor Wall | Marcel Ray Duriez (